* Blue-Cat Analysis, Archive #9016


In this script, the writer displays a unique skill for creating dramatic tension in a scene and highly poetic, stylized dialogue. The crowning achievement of the script is the creation of the sinister old man, one of the most frightening villains we have come across in a script. He instantly summons up comparisons to Hannibal Lecter. The writer uses the haunting flashbacks as a counterweight to the events of the present moment. This gives the script a deeply poetic quality, a dreamlike atmosphere, a cross between a Hitchcock film and a Tarkovsky film. With the use of animal masks among the inhabitants draws obvious comparisons to the Stanley Kubrick film, Eyes Wide Shut. All these references and allusions create a rich texture that awakens the intellect of the audience.



* ISA Evaluation, Rating 4 (out of 5) stars


This is a psychological thriller that demonstrates the writer’s ability to provide for well-developed characters amid a frightening and emotionally challenging setting. We are impressed with how this story weaves past and present together with the writer’s Thomas Hardy-like appreciation for a less than happy ending. The writer really has a solid voice, this script is spooky but in a heightened way that keeps the reader/audience engaged. We are taken to the edge, this is a confidently written script that dares a few boundaries and respectfully so. We do feel blessed to have the chance to read such a compelling script. Clearly, there is some real skill here.






* Blue-Cat Analysis, Archive #9019


The writer creates one of the most powerfully evocative atmospheres we’ve ever read in a screenplay. The feeling of the script reminds us of Stephen King’s The Shining or the underrated Bill Paxton movie Frailty. The writer creates this atmosphere through intense montages of violence accompanied by voice over from either the protagonist, David, or his psychiatrist, Steven. The voice over is always in a poetic, dreamlike tone. In fact, the entire script has a nightmarish quality. The dialogue appears to be heavily influenced by Biblical references and stark, philosophically potent images that lend to this dreamlike quality. Very much like Hitchcock, the writer utilizes Freudian references to help us delve further and further into the twisted mind of our disturbed protagonist and no matter how much we squirm as we go deeper, we cannot look away.



* ISA Evaluation, Rating 4 (out of 5) stars


This is an exceptional script that demonstrates the writer’s ability to provide for some strong horror and psychological components. We are impressed with how the writer provides for the dark nature of the protagonist and how so many scenes play out in his mind. This is gritty, visceral. This is a smartly crafted script that tells a daring story of betrayal and violence. We are pleased with the writer’s clear skill as it regards the genre. This is strong stuff and we support the writer’s choices to go deeper than what might normally be expected. Thank you for the opportunity to read this strong and compelling script.