A Horror feature proposal, set up in modern time US, where The Shining meets Frailty -

up to the moment they (strangely enough) blend with The Omen.


TAG-LINE: Hell He knows, Hell He delivers. Is He A Man or A Beast?


LOG-LINE: After a wrong psychiatric evaluation, David is released from the mental institution he was hospitalized. He now has his revenge over his psychiatrist Adam, his wife and over all the Adams of his deranged mind and world.




DAVID (a violin artist, forties, Christian Bale-type) is released after 33 MONTHS of being hospitalized in a mental institution - based on a psychiatric evaluation by his psychiatrist ADAM (forties, Javier Bardem-type).


In the next days, David sets up and executes his plan: to revenge Adam, who holds responsible for his life in ruins (and who is now his ex-wife's companion).


1 MONTH to the day of his release (and knowing that Adam is all alone for the entire night), he violates his restraining order and visits his ex-wife’s house (once shared with him, now shared with Adam) - and he kills Adam.  


From this point on and in the hours to follow till dawn, things take many unexpected turns and get much more complicated than of a simple revenge story.


Past weaves with present, fantasy dives into reality and vice versa: as on one hand, David turns a simple act of revenge into a long, unreasonable, massive slaughter and then he really takes his time to cover(?) his tracks - while on the other, he relives scenes of the past and gives flesh and bone to brand new, pure sinister ones.   


Meantime (in parallel action and in flashbacks of all the sessions he had with Adam) his troubled early years, his childhood abuse and his overall seriously demented mental state are gradually revealed.


Once again and on one hand, certain facts seem to lead to certain deductions and to confirm a certain psychological profile of David…

While on the other, all the above (and as a result the evaluation of David’s mental health by Adam) seem to have been manipulated and driven all the way down to the utmost wrong interpretations and conclusions by David himself.


Born a man and raised through living Hell, who finally became a Beast…

Or a Beast from Hell to begin with, who Hell only knows and delivers, hiding behind a human’s face?


Early next morning, his ex-wife Kelly finds unconscious, self-mutilated and covered in blood David next to her (dead, cannibalized and in pieces) companion:


Jeffrey: David’s old friend and fellow musician.


David is hospitalized once again -- and 2 MONTHS later and in the last of all sessions, he confronts his one and only psychiatrist:




In this last session, “Adam” proves to be a ghost name/face for David, a projection in people that surround (and feels that threaten) him and that exists only in his mind:


A cipher/anagram for his molester father, his “bad-mad-damn-dad: Adam” ...


Or is this just the final stunt the Beast with David’s face tries to pull - as at the end of the session and for no apparent reason, (armless and in a straitjacket) David pounces upon Steven and slaughters him with his bare teeth.


2 MONTHS later, David stands trial and he’s sentenced to death.


3 MONTHS later, the final horror act takes place: in his cell, during his last confession, moments before he fries in the electric chair.


A priest with the name and the face of (no surprises here) Adam, relates an extract from “The Revelation of John, Chapter 13”:


"And power was given unto The Beast over all kindreds, and all tongues and all nations - and power was given unto him to continue for 42 MONTHS” …


While the months from the very beginning of the story sum up and come to a total of 41 MONTHS


And while David grows new hands underneath, cuts loose from his straitjacket and pounces upon the priest -- and rips him to pieces before he breaks free.


Well, guess what: 1 MONTH (and a sequel) short to get to really know the truth about David: is He A Man or A Beast?